Happy Home

This. This is hands down my new design bible. Happy Home by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau is eye candy. From a person who is a quilter and loves textiles and collectibles, I am most confidant that this book was written just for me. Meet Sophia. She is 8. She loves art, books and wants to be… Continue reading Happy Home


Summer Treat

It’s the season of Great British Bake Off. Cakes and breads and scones and wonderful treats! But it’s also the season of extreme heat where I don’t have much desire to keep an oven on in the house. So when a long distance friend is joining you in the afternoon and you want to welcome… Continue reading Summer Treat


Faux Pas

I have seen and read many statements of how fake flowers are a faux no no. Personally, I kind of love them. They have come a long way and if you avoid trailing ivy on top of cabinets and keep them nice and dusted, then by all means, go get those fake flowers. I recently… Continue reading Faux Pas