Happy Home


This. This is hands down my new design bible.

Happy Home by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau is eye candy. From a person who is a quilter and loves textiles and collectibles, I am most confidant that this book was written just for me.

Meet Sophia.


She is 8. She loves art, books and wants to be a teacher. She also loves the happiest book ever. She looked through it cover to cover the day I checked it out from our library.

And she loved this idea.


So we went to my sewing studio and grabbed my mason jar filled with washi tape.


After a spill of all things washi tape (no broken jars) on the stairs, I walked up to their rooms and Voila!

Pretty dang cute.



Most of the time I lack the motherly patience of teaching my children art. Or chores. Or grooming. But today? Today I was the cool mom for 5 minutes who let her go into my sacred studio, grab some tape, be inspired and decorate her door.

I think I can go take a nap now.

Be warned. There might be 100 more posts inspired by this book.


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