Summer Treat

It’s the season of Great British Bake Off. Cakes and breads and scones and wonderful treats! But it’s also the season of extreme heat where I don’t have much desire to keep an oven on in the house. So when a long distance friend is joining you in the afternoon and you want to welcome her with food, you wake up early, brew an extra 2 cups of strong coffee and make a granita.

A granita is a fancy word for shaved ice. I’ve made numerous granitas, pink lemonade being my favorite. Orange. Pomegranate. Sangria. I actually love them all.

There are plenty of recipes out there but for today’s treat, I am using an Alton Brown recipe. You will need strong brewed coffee. Liqueur. Sugar. Citrus zest.



Mix all together and pour into a 9″x 13″ metal or glass pan. Place in the freezer and scrape with a fork every 30 minutes or so. Careful not to lick the fork after you finish scraping, or if you do, grab another fork for the next round. Or, just have friends who don’t care that you licked a utensil and put it back into the food. What? No judging.


Keep scraping. For a few hours. Like 5 hours. Serve in a cute dish. Top with whipped cream, zest, a splash of more Kaluha, or just eat plain. Try it. You’ll have a summer favorite.

{excuse my absence of no cute dished dessert picture. I ate it too quick.}




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