Faux Pas

I have seen and read many statements of how fake flowers are a faux no no.

Personally, I kind of love them. They have come a long way and if you avoid trailing ivy on top of cabinets and keep them nice and dusted, then by all means, go get those fake flowers.

I recently stopped at an estate sale down the street and found this lovely bowl. It was a good shape. A good cost. A good color. Done.


I held on to this bowl for a few weeks knowing I wanted to create a succulent garden out of it. Real ones cost a bit more than the fake ones and I had seen some great fake ones at one of those big box craft stores. With coupons and knowing that they wouldn’t die, I went with purchasing plastic succulents.


I like things in masses. Must be my landscape architecture background, but if you do ones here and ones there, there is not much of a cohesive plan. So when you go for an arrangement, focus on a few shapes and create masses out of them.

I filled the bowl with two bags of river rocks, one mini and one large. No dirt or charcoal needed for this terrarium BECAUSE IT DOESN’T NEED NUTRIENTS TO LIVE! Cut your pieces to short stems and start grouping together.


Boom. Done. Fake. Forever. Total cost about $25.


Looks good on the kitchen table on top of a cake stand. You can even put a bird on it.


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